Looking for direction?
Feeling uncertain?
Needing confirmation on ‘that’ decision?

Let Barbara help you find direction in your life.
Barbara has been on her spiritual path for over 40 years and is considered one of Western Australia’s leading Psychics and Healers.

By using various techniques during her sessions, Barbara offers you the most relevant techniques for the best outcome of each individual person.

Offering Readings and a vast array of Healing Specialties, along with regular Workshops and Spiritual Groups, you have access to Barbara’s extensive knowledge and experience to empower and guide you.

Receive messages from your spirit friends or loved ones that have passed.

Psychic Readings Perth

A psychic reading is a way of getting practical insight and advice from an objective source about issues you are currently struggling to understand. 


Barbara Jones offers a range of Healing methods such as Reiki, Tarot Therapy, Reflexology, Bowen Therapy, Hypnotherapy and Crystal Healing.

Psychic Workshops Perth

Barbara offers a variety of weekly workshops including Psychic Development, Learning Tarot Reading and Numerology.

Diploma of Reiki Therapy | Diploma of Bowen Therapy | Diploma of Hypnosis 

Reiki Master & Teacher | Diploma of Reflexology | Counselling Diploma

As a child Barbara Jones remembers many experiences with spirit.  Little did she know then just how gifted she was.  Her father died when she was 7 years old and although she knew he was sick, she was sad when her mother came to tell her he had died.  She remembers looking out of the window and seeing flashes of her father.  She heard him telling her he would visit her to kiss her goodnight every night and true to his word he did.


  • I have had a few readings by Barbara over the years and she was spot on with everything that was going on in my life and she explained things in a way that I could understand. I highly recommend her and will see her again on the future.

    Debbie Mackie
  • I have known Barb for about 20 years, in that time Barb has given me many insights with extreme and uncanny accuracy. Whenever I am in need of answers or direction that I cant see for myself I always turn to and trust in what Barb can see for me.

    Katharine Andrews
  • I spent years visiting doctors and physios for a sore back/neck after an accident years ago. Nothing has worked as well or as quickly as a Bowen session with Barbara. I would highly recommend this treatment to anyone who is in pain.

    Gemma Strickland
  • I had heard about inner child therapy but didn’t really know what it was. Wow it changed my life beyond my imagination. So many of my beliefs that were holding me back have changed and some are still changing. I’m a work in progress – Thank You Barbara you are changing my life (for the better!)

    Barry Thompson